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Monday, July 18, 2005

it's scanner time

Went to Fried Fry's Electronics this afternoon and returned home with a scanner. I also found a stash of old photographs. Want to take a guess who this is?

No, it wasn't Halloween. It was Chinese New Year. (I know, ghosts and goblins are cool, but, hey, while you guys get candy, we get money :-) )

This is my younger sister playing with our Boxers, Rex, Jenny, and umm... lots of Boxer puppies, on the front yard. Rex is such a lovable goofball: here you can see him letting the puppies overwhelm him. (The only time he gets up and trots off in a huff is when the puppies nip him in a certain... sensitive region.)

And... my younger brother is going to kill me for posting this very unflattering picture of him (in Primary 6), but hey, he is on the other side of the planet. Unless ICBMs are on sale on eBay in Singapore, he can't touch me. *grin*

Lets just say that at 12, he was wider than he was tall and leave it at that. BTW, is that a graphic of his stomach howling for food on his tee shirt? ;-P

A recent picture of us (minus my sister, who was out of the country):

Yes, we are a tall family: Dad is 6 feet tall. And my younger brother is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) taller than me. Take your reference from there.

I may be laughing, but actually, I'm crying inside.
Thanks for being honest though. :-)


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