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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

lemmings, worms and "Christians"

An essay worth a read: All Good No Bad, by Thomas Frank, editor of The Baffler magazine, and author of The Conquest of Cool and One Market, Under God.

Argh! There goes my appetite for chirashi and sashimi.
Now was that "Knowledge is power" or "Ignorance is bliss"?

Anisakis simplex and related worms
More info

This blog entry really made me laugh.
Talk about the phrase, "captive audience."

NASA calls off shuttle launch because of a faulty fuel tank sensor (Tom Costello of MSNBC).
I can hear it now, "Whaddaya mean I took off without a full tank?"

HOUSTON MISSION CONTROL, "Discovery Shuttle, you took off without a full tank, please prepare for unscheduled re-entry..."


As someone put it, "How would you like to be riding on $100 million worth of rocket parts made by the lowest bidder?"?


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