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Friday, July 15, 2005

choir pics

As badgered requested, more pictures of moi in action at the Sunday 10 PM mass during the academic year.

Where am I?

(Hint 1: the baritone is situated between the tenor and bass).
(Hint 2: I'm 6' 2+" / 187 cm tall).

The third gentleman on my left, Christopher, dressed in beige/white, has a rare gift: his vocal range spans all the octaves of bass, through tenor, to all of alto.

View the interior of the Mission Santa Clara de Asís:

Feel free to pan around and/or zoom

(QuickTime VR Credit: David Familian)

* This view of the Mission Church interior requires QuickTime. If you don't see an image when you click on the link, you may not have QuickTime installed on your system. The QuickTime player can be downloaded from the Apple Web site.


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