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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Why can't we all just get along?

The picture says it all.
How's that for ecumenicalism?
Time to get over your silly tribalisms, people.
Life's already too short as it is.
My God will beat up your God; my Daddy will beat up your Daddy; anyone see a difference between the two? Apart from one using real bombs and guns, and the other, water balloons and water pistols, that is.

Came across this today on a climbing forum:


".... well, a freak climbing accident out at Bau today. A guy had just finished a short climb of about 20 meters (in the rain), and while moving about on top of the face, slipped and fell. he was still tied into his rope, and had that rope taken the fall, it would have been a serious one (about 2:1), but no...his leg got wrapped up in another climbers rope who had topped out just before, and he fell twice the distance past that guy's last anchor point (about 8 feet down) a fall of 16 feet. Since his leg was wrapped, he caught with his head down and the force of the fall swung him into the face and bashed his brains out against the wall. I wasn't there, but a friend of mine told me that his skull cracked open and his brains ran down the wall. His girlfriend was roped up below waiting for her turn. They ended up having to sedate her and send her off the the local hospital. Just a reminder...short and easy climbs are still dangerous.

This guy was a top-notch local climber...but rain, slippery rock, bad judgement, bad luck and circumstances caused him a grisly end. The human body is too frail to accept the often violent results of circumstances. ----- from Wes "

Of course, as this video of a deadly climbing accident exhibits, helmets may not always save one from every fall.


Blogger ++Echo++ said...

Ill tell you why religion has been an issue. It all started with the american government wanting to find an enemy. WHY? Because they needed to play what got to people most... a story ... there has to be a hero and a villian. Throughout history that is how it has always been... their attempts to find someone to pick on to make themselves look great. With each soure they used to be the hero in the story dying down, they had to pick something great. Something that would trigger people to listen. So they picked religion, and what religion exactly? The muslim religion. Why? Because it is the fastest growing religion. They knew it would throw in a spark somewhere. Its really bad how media can twist things around, but if you really look into the history, how it has been played, read up on it, look at both sides, and really open your eyes to see what is going on. Then you'll see how it all stared.

It's all one big game. Its stupid honestly. Frustrating, and unfortunate.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Rashid said...

thats how wars are conducted, dehumanize your enemies,it is the foundation of every army, ask your male kakis in NS if you dun believe

11:37 AM  

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