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Friday, May 13, 2005

Of doubles, spider bites and barely-clothed Abercrombie models

Anyone ever met his doppelganger? It is supposed to be really bad luck. (Nice of me to bring up this topic on Friday 13th, isn't it?) The closest I ever got to such an experience was during my NS stint. I passed this individual in the corridor and something flashed in my mind. And so I turned and tailed him (no, I wasn't waiting for him to drop the soap, if that's what you are thinking). Finding an excuse to talk to him, I glanced at the name tag on his chest again. He has the same last name (surname), dialect first name, and Christian first name as me. And in the same order too. We even have the same birthday, right down to the year. Thankfully, he looked nothing like me, or else I would have had to schedule a long talk with my father *smirk* Anyone else out there have similar experiences to share? I won't go into experiences of deja vu as they are too common.

Spider bites: I hate spider bites. I have 4 of them on my left leg; 2 on the thigh, and 2 just below the knee. ALL of them on my left leg? Maybe it is living in my jeans or something. It is annoying. In the first 2 days, they look like mosquito bites. After that, they balloon to the diameter of mandarin oranges. And they alternate between being unbearably itchy and tender to touch. When they swell up, you can see the two small puncture marks from the fangs. I knew it wasn't a bee, wasp or hornet as I get stung by them all the time, with little effect other than a small itchy bump. In Singapore, the Greater Yellow Banded Hornet love me; in California, Yellow Jackets love me; I guess I must be sweeter than honey. But I digress... When I catch this damn eight-legged freak, it's so gonna be smash city it will make Frank Miller's Sin City look like Tinky Winky & Friends on Public Broadcasting Channel. (Yeah, yeah, I'm wounded in the thigh. hah. hah. STFU, English & Classics majors.)

Dorky, but too funny! (And I don't even play video games.)

It's friday! Here's a page from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog for you Abercrombie fans out there:


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