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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

still tired

I am really tired today. Been finding it harder to breathe. I have no cough or mucus or sore-throat though (knockwood). Caffeine has definitely stopped working. Don't mind me, today I will just serve up rehashed crap as I have deadlines, deadlines, deadlines:

Fly the friendly skies to a tropical island paradise!
Have friendly, gorgeous stewardess serve you organically-grown pink slime . Come to Hawaii: the land of new experiences!

ACIDWAR: last night, tony and I decided to stop off on the way to the party to get some beer
ACIDWAR: we come out of the shop a few minutes later and there's a parking guy writing a ticket
ACIDWAR: tony goes up to him and asks him what the ticket's for, parking guy explains that the car is parked in a no standing zone
ACIDWAR: tony starts abusing him and tells him to cram it up his ass, so the guy writes a ticket for abusing him
ACIDWAR: so tony gets up him even more, and every time he says something the guy writes another ticket
ACIDWAR: 14 tickets later, the guy gives up and walks off
DENDYH0: ...
ACIDWAR: and we both PISS ourselves laughing as we walk back to tony's car around the corner, leaving some poor bastard with 14 parking fines :D

The Japanese really know how to have fun. Paper, Scissors, Stone, with the loser of each round subjected to a bucket of hot molten wax? Sizzling!


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