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Friday, May 06, 2005


So I was referred to this link , where I chanced upon this post, reported by a certain handle, Finicky Feline:

Singaporean men should date Malaysian girls because:

1) They’re well known for their shununess (some of ‘em anyway) and their beauty. I’ve always heard S’porean men praising M’sian girls, but never the other way around (sorry folks, am just stating the facts)

2) M’sian girls who live in S’pore are usually on their own without their parents. Can stay out late, can stay overnight, no parental interrogations. Sounds like a good deal.

3) Can go to her hometown for a quick getaway and save on accomodation by staying at her parents’ place. Quiet sex is a must though.

I make no apologies: that is disgusting.
If you have to worry about her parents when you are "getting it on" with a female, then you should really consider laying off:
a) pedophilia;
b) necrophilia;
c) picking up dates with ICU patients at the local hospital.


Blogger Chris said...

Indulging in some self-righteous paranoid knee-jerk rageahol? He didn't say anything about underage women, he said if you go to her hometown, you can stay at her parents' place. Obviously, reading comprehension is not your strong point.

1:19 PM  
Blogger -ben said...

If the shoe fits, wear it.

Here's some advice: before attempting to lecture on English, fix your spelling and grammar first.

Be a man — not an "an ass man" (NSman) — and learn to take it like a man when you expose yourself to be a cheapskate and are called out on it.

Saving on accommodations by shagging her at her parents' place — let me guess, you are going to save on meals, detergent and your water bill by raiding their fridge and doing your laundry while you are there too? Perhaps you can find her parents' stash of prophylactics as well? Perhaps, more appropriate for your size, a finger cot for you? Hey, more opportunities to save! Be sure to synchronize your drive north with Shell's next $1 a liter promotion!


With regards to minors, you "doth protest too much, methinks."

10:20 AM  

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