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Monday, May 02, 2005

Aural heaven

Well, I've been accepted into the church choir as a baritone. Once I got over my initial nervousness, I discovered that I can sing, and since I'm not talented enough to be a soloist, it is not too different from singing in the congregation, except I get to sing louder, and am required to do so with more precision. Standing in the apse, looking outwards to the church doors, I also get a different view of the mass. It was quite a novel experience. Looking forward to next Sunday now. The soloist, a petite lady, has a voice to die for. It feels like she could steal your soul when she lets her vocals soar in the depth of the night (our mass is from 10 PM to 11:30 PM). We sang a very special version of "Ave Maria" tonight, with lyrics in Latin and English. It was touching and beautiful in its simplicity.

We had a guest priest officiating the service tonite: he is from East L. A., and through him, we heard many tales that seem alien and remote from the safety of our bubble on this campus. This Valentine's Day, he buried the 134th member of his congregation. The deceased was mowed down by a hail of bullets as he climbed into his car to drive to a new job and a new life. Working with reformed gangbangers must take a stoic heart.

It is 12:56 AM now. I have a paper due at an 8 AM class, and the paper still requires about an hour of work on it. Oh fun! I shouldn't complain; I could be mowed down in a hail of bullets instead (with due contrition for defying the venerable Dr. Johnson for this invalid comparison). I will choose spending the hour on the paper, thank you very much.

Just read this passage while researching for material for my paper (due in 5 hours 20 mins), and I just HAD TO type it out:

For your Americans outside the white middle class, the juxtaposition of mass culture and their parents' values could be disturbing and discordant. In _The Woman Warrior_, Maxine Hong Kingston describes how she watched Betty Grable in "Oh You Beautiful Doll" and subverted her mother's attempt to marry her off to a FOB - Fresh Off the Boat. When young men, new to America, were invited to look her over, she dropped dishes and spilled soup on them. (Sheila Rowbotham, _A Century of Women: The History of Women in Britain and the United States_, pp. 336)

Too funny! A close friend, a former classmate of mine, used to work with Professor Kingston up north in UC Berkeley for a while.

3:11 AM now: and I thought the essay only needed 1 more hour of work. Yeah, right.
At least I am only doing the documentation phase now.

4 AM: DONE! And 2 of my favorite 3 songs on Moby's latest CD, "Hotel" played in succession on random--in my preferred order too! Time to sleep for 3 hours... and then classes until 5 PM.
I predict a lot of coffee is in order...


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