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Sunday, April 16, 2006


'Arrived way early for the 7:00 AM 7:30 AM practice and so I decided on a walk in solitude, in the Mission Gardens, in the quiet, in the softly falling rain. Rebirth. Renewal. Over a year has passed since the traumatic event that birthed this blog. Over a year of denial, hope, false hope, lost hope, anger, bitterness, purgation, exorcism, acceptance, forgetting; forgetting, yes, and finally moving on. Nothing lasts forever, not even pain, or bitterness. Nothing lasts forever, but Him. Praise Him.

Many, many memories were planted on this wisteria petal-strewn path. I have walked this path in grief. I have walked this path in fear. I have walked this path in seek of refuge, in seek of solace. And finally, I have walked this path in victory, with my friends and parents by my side.

Today, I walk this path in fond reminiscence, like a traveler who smiles as his finger traces his journey on a map.

My favorite spot for lunch during spring and fall. Bathed in the fragrance of flowers, the chirping of the birds, and the quiet of your breathing, how much closer to Eden can one get?

This morning, the choir stands to the right (where the music stand is located) side of the apse as the altar takes the center. That's one of our sopranos in the picture. [Shot taken from the apse]

Some of the men taking a break after the 8:30 AM service. That's the 11:30 AM service congregation (maybe they arrived early to listen to us practice?). The gentleman in the pink shirt is Father Michael Zampelli. He presided over Easter Vigil last night. It was magical. He's a charismatic figure and possesses a commanding presence. He also has an astounding bass (I suspect he can make window panes rattle with his voice).

I was wondering if my voice would last the services for the Triduum, and when it did, I wondered just how far I could push it and opted to sing for the 8:30 AM Easter service. After that, I was still feeling capable and so I decided to go for broke and sing for the 11:30 AM service as well. And I made it! (Though my voice is pretty much gone now. I.e. I sound like a poor copy of Rod Stewart.)

Our lead soprano was right, it was a "joyous marathon."
Thank you all, darlings!

Happy Easter!

Resurrexit sicut dixit, Alleluia!


Blogger zeenie said...

Happy Easter!! We had a great mass over here too. =)

9:25 PM  

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