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Sunday, April 09, 2006


4:26 AM
Housemate just left for his new job at Las Vegas.
'Glad we made everything fit in your car : )
'Sure gonna miss you, big guy!
Drive safe!

Hunt some cougars!


A casual conversation in a cafe earlier during this week:

SHE: So, are you from around here?
ME: No, I'm from Singapore.
SHE: Oh, what did you come here for?
ME: College.
SHE: Oh, I see. What did you study?
ME: I majored in English.
SHE: I can see they did a great job. You speak beautiful English.
ME: *resists urge to demonstrate just how "beautiful" my invectives can be*

Note to self: Never argue with idiots; they drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience.

Frankly, I don't know where these stereotypes come from.

Oh, I'm Chinese: I can barely speak English but I am so good at math that I mastered differential calculus before I could walk.

WTF? This social phenomenon isn't restricted to USA either. I had similar experiences while auto touring the South Island of New Zealand. At one restaurant in Dunedin, a cheeky patron actually asked my Dad if he needed the words on the board read to him. I wanted to sock the guy. My Dad read mechanical engineering in England, thank you very much!

Here's a Kiwi joke for you:

QUESTION: Why is the edge of a cliff the best place to fuck sheep?

ANSWER: Because they push bahhhck!

Now fuck off before I crack your skull with my volumes of the O.E.D.


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