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Friday, February 24, 2006

Mid-winter clearance

Clearing out the closet. [New stuff added. Scroll down.]

Items for sale
(All prices in US dollars)

A) 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Oxygen Sensor. Quantity 1. New in box, never installed, never used. $65. OEM unit. SOLD.

B) "Friends" DVD Box sets. New in box, still shrink wrapped. Region code 1 (North America).

Season 4 - $30 SOLD.
Season 5 - $25 SOLD.
Season 6 - $30 SOLD.
Season 7 - $29 SOLD.
Season 8 - $29 SOLD.

$10 off total if you take the whole lot.

C) Hutchinson Mosquito Gold Elite mountain bike tires. Size 26" x 2.00" Quantity x 2. $20 each. 490 gram ultra-light race tires. New, never installed. Perfect for that extra edge on race day (or if you just like to roast your buddy on hardpack).

D) Shimano XTR CS-M960 12-32 9-speed titanium cassette. Ultra-light, super strong race gears. Each cog is drilled out for lightness and mounted via a light alloy carrier that increases rigidity while reducing weight. To further reduce weight, the 4 largest cogs are constructed from titanium. 240 grams. New in box, never installed. Retail is $155.99. Further lighten your steed for $140. SOLD.

E) Shimano UN-72 Bottom bracket. Square taper. 73mm x 107mm. New in box, never installed. $20 OBO. (If you have a 73mm x 110mm, I will consider a swap). Measure your bike and chain line before you purchase. NO RETURNS.

F) Plitron toroidal transformer. 500VA. Input dual 115V (parallel connect for 115V mains. Series connect for 230V @ 50 / 60 Hz mains). Output 45-45V 5.56A 4% regulation. Custom wound with optional electrostatic screen to reduce capacitive coupling, plus magnetic shielding. Weight 12 lbs (5.46 kg). This unit is about 80% as quiet as the more expensive $256 Low-Noise version. New in box, never installed. $110. SOLD.

New items

G) Poseidon Xstream Deep 90 regulator. Approved for trimix down to 660 ft (200 m). Servo-assisted breathing. 5 LP and 2 HP ports. 70 cm LP hose included. Quantity 5 sets available. 2 sets left. New in box, never used. $600 each.

H) Halcyon H-manifold valve. Brand new, never installed. 300 bar DIN. Quantity 2. $220 each. Both SOLD.

I) Halcyon closed-circuit lift bag. 80 lbs lift capacity. Used once. $50. SOLD.

J) OMS Oxygen Analyzer. Used but in excellent condition. With 1 brand new Oxygen sensor. Make offer. SOLD.

K) Oceanic Mako diver propulsion scooter. Used, good condition. $1500. (I am upgrading to the Silent Submersion DPV). SOLD.

Instructions and caveats

Submit bids and contact information through the comments section. Your contact information will never be published on the blog. Neither will it be retained if you didn't win. You will be contacted if yours is the winning bid. Winner is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs. Seller reserves right to list items concurrently on eBay or other online classified lists at anytime. If payment is made through Paypal, I will absorb the transaction fee BUT payee must use a bank account to pay--NOT a credit card. This is to prevent charge-back fraud. If these terms are not acceptable to you, feel free to purchase items at full retail price from a merchant.

By purchasing items G through K, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the seller now and forever from any liability that may result from its use. You are purchasing the items only--not training. SCUBA DIVING IS AN INHERENTLY HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY (AND TECHNICAL DIVING, EVEN MORE SO). YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN TRAINING.

Cashier's cheque / bank draft / Western Union refund scammers, don't bother, your email address will be sold to porn, Viagra, and male genitalia enlargement dietary supplement spam lists if you try. Ridiculous low-ball offerers who waste my time may also experience the same fate : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cashier's cheque / bank draft / Western Union refund scammers, don't bother, your email address will be sold to porn, Viagra, and male genitalia enlargement dietary supplement spam lists if you try.


12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much hoo ha over so little. What a fag!

3:38 PM  
Blogger -ben said...

Wow! What a brave anonymous troll, with little money and even less wit!

Your mommy let you wade over to the deep end of the pool all by yourself today?

5:12 PM  

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