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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Back into the fold

Its been half a year since I sung in the church choir, I was surprised at how much endurance and control I've lost in my vocal cords. Tonight, it took me 3 hours before I could utilize the majority of my range with power again. Before that, whenever the conductor emphasized crescendo, the veins in my temples would bulge as I tried to deliver.

Anyways, something funny happened tonight: halfway through practice, a big, fat, white cat wandered into the church and sauntered right up to the apse. Greg, the choir master picked up the cat and it instantly snuggled up. So he began to rock the cat like a baby. The instrument section took their cue and launched into a lullaby melody, with the piano in the lead. Greg then waltzed and rocked the cat out of the church doors to the music as we looked on, howling in laughter.

Apparently, the cat enjoyed it so much, it spent most of the night outside the church doors trying to get in for a sequel.

Lucky feline. It chose the correct religion. It could have just as easily turned out to be "Look, my brothers and sisters! A sacrifice!"


In other news, the 40 footer waves are back at Mavericks (near Half Moon Bay). The contest starts on February 7. There is a rocky reef where the waves crest, which means there is little room for error. And, oh, yes, the 40 feet is measured on the back side of the wave.

I am tempted to undertake the 2 hour drive just to watch these waves and the Darwin Award Candidates surfers.

Slideshow here
(or click on image below).



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