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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Patrick Rodriguez reported on the following tradition at CAL:

Berkeley Streakers

As is tradition during finals week, a bunch of Berkeley students go streaking through the library. No one but the organizers know beforehand when and where the run will take place, but those in the right place at the right time get to witness a time-honored Berkeley tradition. Though nothing will ever take the place of being there, with the power of the internet and cameraphone technology, the rest of us aren’t deprived a peek.

Here is the inital LiveJournal report, which includes an account of the police response and some anonymous comments by an actual particpant.

Links below are NWS / NCS (Not Work Safe / Not Child Safe):

More pictures.

Video clip (22.7 MB)

3 minutes later, the cops showed up, but all the streakers were dressed and gone.


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