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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Putfile Says Goodbye To Singapore

Link here.

Props to crufty:

A tutorial: how to bypass Internet censorship.

Update II:
Props to Annye:

It has been reported that Putfile closed the thread discussing their actions.
New discussion thread can be found here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read this?

9:23 AM  
Blogger -ben said...

Not exactly relevant to this post, but a fascinating bit of news nonetheless. Thank you very much, Anonymous one. I am curious as to the eventual fate of the artist in the article. Might he suffer the same fate as Theo van Gogh?

* Theo van Gogh (1957 - 2004) was shot 8 times, his throad slit, and then stabbed in the chest with 2 knives on the streets of Amsterdam for directing a 10 minute controversial movie critical of Islam's treatment of women, Submission. The two knives were left implanted on his torso. One of them pinning a 5 paged note. The note threatened Western governments, Jews and Hirsi Ali (who wrote the script for the movie). Hirsi Ali has since gone into hiding. Reminds one of Salman Rushdie, no?

10:06 PM  

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