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Thursday, September 22, 2005


The image above locates petroleum production and refining facilities in the Louisiana-Texas Gulf Coast area. Many of those spared from Katrina's wrath are now in the path of Rita. If you think land-based evacuation is problematic (think 48 miles in 13 hours in your automobile), think about those on off-shore oil drilling platforms. Their helicopters do not possess the range to travel directly from an off-shore rig to land, but must arrange "hops" along the way to intermediate platforms to refuel. Couple this with the lower passenger capacity of a helicopter (and a fewer number of them), and you get an idea of the difficulty of the operation.

The Houston-Galveston area possesses the biggest concentration of refineries and petrochemical plants. The Exxon's Baytown refinery (on Galveston Bay) is the largest in the U.S. $5 a gallon for gas, anyone? I guess the demeanor of soccer moms, with their thirsty SUVs, at the pumps aren't going to improve any time soon.

My prayers go to Scooby and fiancée in Austin, Texas. Although they are more than a hundred miles from Houston, I'm still worried for them. Scoobs must be busy boarding up the house now. Take care, you two lovebirds! Please stay safe!


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