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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stuff this fun should be illegal

How to make your own helmet-mounted digital camcorder for $35 (props to my housemate):

10 minute singletrack video

*Take note that mounting the camera in this manner (i.e. with the bolt) is unsafe. If you fall and land on the camera, the bolt will go through your skull. According to a commenter, one of the early hang gliding pioneers died in this manner*

But first, you need to get your hands on a $30 CVS Disposable Camcorder to hack:

Here's how to hack it (Mac and PC):

An alternative method: it's pretty much the same as the technique employed above but uses a Palm III sync cradle instead.

PINOUTS for the CVS one-time-use camcorder: Pin 1 starts at the end where J5 is printed on the PCB. 1 no connection, 2 ground, 3 no connection, 4 Battery + (probably used to verify the battery level when recycling), 5 no connection, 6 USB +5V, 7 ground, 8 USB Data +, 9 USB Data -, 10 ground, Pins 6 - 9 is the only pins needed to connect to a USB port.

Tom Vickers also hacked the $20 CVS Red Disposable Digital Camera. Longs Drugstore rebadges and sells it under their name. It is still recognizable by the "red label" though.

So, I was just remarking to crufty last night that Evos are few and far in between around here... and lo and behold, I spotted one parked beside me this evening:

It had Pennsylvania plates. I sure hope he hauled it over on a flatbed. That's a lot of miles!


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