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Monday, August 15, 2005

It's not my fault. It's never my fault. It is always someone else's fault.

George Bush's neighbor finally had it with the peaceniks squatting outside his property, blocking the road, and making a general nuisance of themselves. (Ever notice how peaceniks are like roaches? Utter pests, living off others, and making a mess wherever they amass.) So, today, he rattled them with two shotgun blasts--on his own property.

Bush neighbor takes aim at 'doves'
Shotgun blasts startle anti-war protesters

Monday, August 15, 2005; Posted: 1:35 a.m. EDT (05:35 GMT)

CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- Anti-war protesters outside President Bush's ranch here were startled Sunday by gunshots fired by a Texas rancher frustrated by the group's presence.

"Well, I'm getting ready for dove season," Larry Mattlage, 62, told reporters of the shots fired around 10 a.m. (noon EDT). Asked if there was an underlying message to the shots, which he fired harmlessly into the air, Mattlage told a reporter, "Figure it out for yourself."

The protesters are led by Cindy Sheehan, a California woman whose son was killed in Iraq, and who has vowed to remain outside of Bush's ranch until the president meets with her. She and other anti-war protesters set up a makeshift camp in Crawford more than a week ago.

"Would you want someone invading your house for a long time and blocking your view and blocking your road?" asked Mattlage, a six-year resident of Crawford who said he had originally been sympathetic to the protesters' cause.

"They as American citizens have a right to march, to protest."

But throngs of anti-war protesters have parked on his land and set up portable bathrooms on the rural road that runs by his property. At times, the protesters, their numbers swollen by crowds of reporters, have blocked the road, he said.

Sheehan said protesters have been "good neighbors" to the people living near Bush's ranch.

"If the neighbor is tired of having us here, he should talk to his other neighbor, George Bush, and ask George Bush to come out and meet with me, and then we'll leave," she said.


This is the typical liberal evasion of responsibility.
How is this any of George Bush's neighbor's problem?
Why does he have to do the protestor's bidding and talk to George Bush to come out and meet the protestors?

Picture this. A bunch of people come and squat right outside your property line, or, even on your land. Making a general nuisance of themselves, blocking your access to your own home, they tell you that unless you be party to their agenda, they will not go away. What does that sound like?

How would you feel if I come to your home and put portable toilets on the sidewalk, right outside your property line?

I guess those portable toilets came in handy for those peaceniks shitting in their pants when Mattlage fired his shotgun.

What CNN doesn't tell you is that Sheehan and her protestors have been there for 5 weeks. Click on the video link on CNN and notice that the footage doesn't show the size of the crowd. Neither does the article mention that they have been there for 5 weeks and counting. CNN also neglects to mention that Sheenan's family does not support her activism.

For another perspective.

While he said he "sympathized" with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq, he refused to visit her peace vigil, set up in a tent in a drainage ditch outside the ranch, and sent two of his aides to talk to her instead.

Privately, Bush has met with about 900 family members of some 270 soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. The conversations are closed to the press, and Bush does not like to talk about what goes on in these grieving sessions . . ..

Newsweek article, courtesy of MSNBC

There is real grief, and there is the media circus. It may appear that Cindy Sheehan has mistaken showmanship for sorrow.


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