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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Excerpts from a flamefest

Warning: The (strong, politically-incorrect, controversial and racist) opinions expressed in this post may be are offensive. Chinese-educated Chinese are strongly urged to skip perusing this entry. Liberals, please change your diapers before continuing.

Had an interesting flame war versus a bunch of Chinese Cultural Chauvinists (CCCs) on a diving forum today.
All nicknames/handles have been changed.

Written by BubbleFish:
I don't think the word "ang moh" is impolite, it's just the chinese way of saying caucasian. And if any caucasian thinks otherwise, then too bad.

My reply:
That attitude is so typical of Singaporean Chinese: i.e. "We will call you what we like. It is how we do it here. If you don't like it, too bad!" That partially explains why, despite the country's claims to a First World status, economy / material wise, culturally, Singapore's (frog-in-a-well) mentality still ranks below that of many Third World nations. For goodness' sake, even today, Singapore's print media persists in referring to the Japanese with the derogatory term, "Jap." "Jap" is NOT an abbreviated form for "Japanese." Look it up.

Then again, perhaps it is easier to hide behind the label of:

"So solli! We ah nod native shpeakers of Ingrish! You ready now order? You order one from Column 1! And order 1 from Column 2! And 1 order from Column 3! All for $9.95! Ah so! OK? Velly good, Sar!"

So, make up your mind: are you a native speaker of English or are you not? If you claim to be one, then jolly well master the nuances of the language, and--at the very least--be able to distinguish between abbreviations and disparagements.

Maybe I should start referring to some of the Singaporean Chinese on this forum as "slopes, gooks, slants, chinks, yellows, gomers, zipperheads, dinks, coolies, slope-heads, slant-eyes, yes-men, dry-cleaners, rice-eaters, rice-niggers, buddha-heads, yellow-bitches, cyber-coolies, Chinamen"? After all, that's how certain Caucasians refer to the Chinese around here.

How about that?
If you don't like it, too bad.

One good turn deserves another, won't you say?

How do you like the taste of your own medicine now, Ming the Merciless?

Loose cannon,

P.S. I refrained from listing "WOG" (Well-educated Oriental Gentleman) as only a miniscule minority on this board (none of them from your tribe, of course) qualifies to the label.

P.P.S. You offended now? Quick! Call me a "Chao Ang Moh"! I've got another surprise waiting for you!


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