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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Evil gravel

From the archives, a drive through the Santa Cruz mountains during a Supra meet:

What happens when a car hits the side of a mountain at 65 mph (104 km/h)?

This incident goes to illustrate that though the vehicle may have all the necessary modifications and upgrades to handle the craziest turns, you can never discount the unpredictable. In this case, gravel.

Apart from the driver suffering a case of seat belt rash, no one was injured in this single vehicle accident.

Car, meet mountain. Mountain, car.

Oh, yes, leaves are bad for traction as well. Here, another driver, Matt, contemplates the logistics of taking revenge on the pesky leaves by turning all of them into tea.

Driver in white tee-shirt and red pants on his cell phone. "Honey? You're not gonna believe this: I was just driving along, minding my own business, when this mountain came out of nowhere..."

Actually, the driver is lucky his wife didn't come along. She would have been seated in the passenger seat. Ouch.

When the California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer showed up, he asked the group of us, "How fast were you guys going?"

We looked at a nearby sign, "Speed Limit 35 mph (56 km/h)" and said, "About 35, Officer."

He looked at the long line of Supras (Mk 3 and Mk 4) parked behind us, and snorted, "Yeah... RIGHT! I've half a mind to arrest the bunch of y'all for reckless drivin'!" [Pregnant pause here to let us stew in our juices for a while.] "But since no one got hurt, I'm letting this one slide. I trust you boys learned your lesson. Have a good day, gentlemen!"


Blogger crufty said...

That's a nasty crash... could've been worse as the soil seems to have absorbed most of the impact.

There's no way it was going 35 mph ;)

2:02 AM  

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