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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hanoi Jane's New Trip

Jane Fonda announced that she is embarking on a cross-country antiwar book tour--on a bus that runs on vegetable oil, no less.

"I've decided I'm coming out," she told an audience in Santa Fe, N.M. "I have not taken a stand on any war since Vietnam. I carry a lot of baggage from that."

That baggage includes the now infamous photo of Fonda in 1972 sitting atop a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun while on a tour of that country. Many Vietnam vets do not forgive Fonda for what they view as treason and for making their lives harder, especially prisoners of war who were tortured in her name. To her limited credit, Fonda has apologized.

Still, her newest foray into antiwar territory feels like a cartoonish parody of her former self. Jane Fonda playing Jane Fonda. In her newest version of Me, Myself and I, Fonda will segue from book tour to antiwar tour via a cross-country trip on a bus that runs on vegetable oil. Slick. But is it canola?

(Entire article)

Second question:
Why doesn't Fonda go on an "Anti-kidnapping and Beheading Tour"?

I guess tours of this variant are more sensationalistic. One more for the road, eh? Jane? One more thing to regret over later.


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