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Friday, August 04, 2006

Darwin Award Nominee behavior

For some of the Lebanese civilians:

1. Vote for and support the Hezbollah, knowing full well they are terrorists that purposely target Israeli women and children while hiding behind the skirts of Lebanese women and children.

2. Proudly house and allow the Hezbollah to dig in in and around their neighborhoods.

3. Watch and cheer on as the Hezbollah push the Israelis into war.

4. Proudly watch the Hezbollah fire their rockets--aimed at Israeli civilians--from their own villiages and backyards with nary a complaint, and then sticking around.

5. Watch as Israel sacrifices enormous military advantage by dropping pamphlets warning of impending strikes. The Darwin fodder then ignore the written notice of imminent bombing.

6. Cry and complain as they are mowed over by the Israeli war machine and shout death to Israel and the US over the deaths of their loved ones from their own stupidity.



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