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Friday, June 16, 2006

Baccalaureate Mass

A quick update:

Just got back from Rehearsal #1 for the 4 PM Baccalaureate Mass later in the afternoon today. Gobbling down a salad as I type this. Rehearsal #2 (full dress) is in exactly one hour. I hope I can find parking close by. Walking 1/2 a mile (800 m) in formal attire in this heat will be rather dreadful.

The larger congregation made it necessary to hold the mass in Levy Center.

A closer look at the stage.

The stage.

We are on the JumboTron as well!

Speakers galore. Hear us roar!

The view from my perspective.

One of the altos. The numbers on her t-shirt are real, by the way. And you wonder why some of the parents of the graduating seniors are crying :-P

OK, time change into my black Italian wool pants, white Egyptian cotton shirt, and red silk tie. (See? I told you: I do dress up. You just have to give me a good enough reason to.)

Gloria in excelsis Deo!


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