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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cutting or pruning?

We sang Ubi Caritas tonight.

Such a coincidence. I was just humming it while making lunch earlier today.

Tonight's homily was especially relevant to me. One of the most painful emotional experiences in life is to be cut off from those who we care about; cut off from those who matter to us; cut off from friends, lovers, family, etc. It is a legitimate fear. The reason for being cut off are many, justified and unjustifiable. E.g. doing the wrong things, saying the wrong things, or sometimes, simply being yourself could very well be wrong. What then?

Every spring, the wisteria in the Mission Gardens go into full bloom. It is gorgeous to look at, and an incredible experience to walk under and amidst the violet petals. The fragrance is intoxicating. And yet, before all the flowers wilt and fall off, the gardeners prune them all away, leaving only the gnarly, twisted vines behind. Why? Because the gardeners know that if the wisteria is not pruned, next year's blooms will not be as bountiful and beautiful.

When we are hurting, how then, do we tell if it is from being pruned or being cut (off)?

Well, it all depends on where you are rooted--and if you still are--after the experience, isn't it? Sometimes the pruning is done for our good: the end of an enabling or emotionally-abusive relationship, for example; or finally having the breathing space--the freedom--to be who we really are. We should never be false to ourselves to retain friends or lovers. That is emotional and intellectual slavery. In this age of spineless relativism and duplicitous political correctness, it is more important than ever to possess the courage and moral rectitude to stand up for what we believe in, and stick by them, come hell or high water.


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