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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Can you believe these?

Lear and Moeslein said that by participating in military research, the University philosophically supports war. In addition, the military's goals are to kill people and destroy things, and surveys always show that University students are opposed to war by a large margin. "The military isn't here for the benevolence of the students," Moeslein said. "They're here to use us."

[Stahl] said that military research threatens the intellectual, moral and philosophical freedoms of the University but that the senators may be reluctant to give up the funding. Junior Taeva Shefler said she attended the debate to support friends on the team and because she feels passionate about the issue.

"I think the military has no place at the University in terms of research or recruitment," Shefler said. "The more time we spend researching for the military, ... it takes away from research we could do that's a lot more productive."

Junior Lucia Black said she had no idea that military research was taking place on campus but she is opposed to military recruitment on campus.

"I want to spit when I see it," she said.


These peacenik tree-hugging hippies should read up on the origins of cell phone technology, GPS systems, the Internet, the microwave, etc. AND THIS IS AN INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING?

I guess the power of tree-hugging technology would have won WWII for USA. Songs of "Kumbaya" would have brought the Iron Curtain down. And every year, smoke signals would lead rescuers to clueless enviroweenies lost in in the wilderness. These hippies need to get a clue. The next time you observe an envirowacko meeting, go to the parking lot as they come out and observe how many of them are driving SUVs. "Do as I say, and not as I do" seems to be the mantra.

I put more miles on my bicycle than on my car.
How many of these poseurs can say the same?

State-funded universities that do not allow military recruiters and military-related research on campus should not receive ANY federal or state funding, IMHO. Let's see how their freeloading, peacenik, beatnik, hippy, pansy students tolerate paying private-school tuition levels. Let them prove their sincerity, I'd say. Ohh... US$29-32k a year for tuition, instead of US$6.5k, let's see how your mommy and daddy feel about your tree-hugging and 420 now.

In fact, why not start early? The same should be for High Schools. I am sure your parents can be persuaded to send your brothers and sisters to a US$15k/year private High School, where there won't be scary military recruiters to get your polka-dot knickers in bunch.

Speaking of morons, check this column out.
I hope the author receives a visit from the Secret Service for this dribble.

One word for all these: INGRATITUDE.


On 6 March 2006, the SCOTUS ruled in favor with my position:

The Supreme Court yesterday unanimously upheld a federal law that forces colleges and universities to permit military recruiting on campus, despite the schools' objections to the Pentagon ban on openly gay people serving in the armed forces.

By a vote of 8 to 0, the court upheld the Solomon Amendment, which permits the denial of federal funding to schools that do not allow military recruiters the same access given to all other job recruiters. But in ruling that schools must provide the military the same access to students as they would for any other recruiters, the justices noted that schools are still free to protest their presence on campus.


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