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Friday, June 03, 2005

TV Reporter Stomps Pet Squirrel

This is so wrong on so many levels:

The Daily Record - UK | May 28, 2005

A REPORTER sent to do a story about a baby squirrel stood on the fluffy creature by mistake and killed it.

Inka Blumensaat wanted to tell how a pet cat had saved the orphaned squirrel by adopting it as her own.

But the friendly rodent jumped on her leg as she filmed her report and she panicked and trampled it underfoot, breaking its neck.

Heike Reher, whose cat adopted the squirrel in Lubeck, Germany, said: 'The reporter started leaping about like a mad woman. She squashed the squirrel completely.'

'Everyone looked at the floor in horror where the little squirrel lay in a pool of blood.'

'I picked my little treasure up and ran out of the house in tears. I was so upset I could not speak.

'The reporter came back with some flowers but I could not speak to her.'

Inka, who works for NDR TV, said: 'I regret the whole thing bitterly and wish there was something I could do to put it right.'


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